ASM Command-Line Interface


  • Tree構造でASMファイルを操作するユーティリティです。
  • SQL文の使用は不要です。
  • バッチモードと会話モードで二つの起動モードをサポートします。


  • pwd displays the absolute path of the current directory.
  • cd changes the current directory to the specify directory.
  • find finds under a specified directory all paths that match a given pattern.
  • ls lists aliases or its contents alphabetically by name if the alias is a directory.
  • mkdir creates directories.
  • rm removes the specified file as well as its system alias. If it is an empty directory, then rm removes it.
  • mkalias creates the specified user alias for the specified system alias.
  • rmalias deletes the specified user aliases, while preserving the files and their system aliases.
  • du displays the total space used for files located recursively under the specified directory.
  • lsdg lists all diskgroups and their attributes.
  • lsct lists all clients and their attributes.
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