Name                                      Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------
 OWNER                                              VARCHAR2(30)
 TASK_ID                                   NOT NULL NUMBER
 TASK_NAME                                          VARCHAR2(30)
 EXECUTION_NAME                                     VARCHAR2(30)
 FINDING_ID                                NOT NULL NUMBER
 FINDING_NAME                                       VARCHAR2(4000)
 TYPE                                               VARCHAR2(11)
 TYPE_ID                                   NOT NULL NUMBER
 PARENT                                    NOT NULL NUMBER
 OBJECT_ID                                          NUMBER
 IMPACT_TYPE                                        VARCHAR2(4000)
 IMPACT                                             NUMBER
 MESSAGE                                            VARCHAR2(4000)
 MORE_INFO                                          VARCHAR2(4000)
 FILTERED                                           VARCHAR2(1)
 FLAGS                                              NUMBER
 DATABASE_TIME                                      NUMBER
 ACTIVE_SESSIONS                                    NUMBER
 PERC_ACTIVE_SESS                                   NUMBER
 IS_AGGREGATE                                       CHAR(1)
 METER_LEVEL                                        VARCHAR2(6)
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