Name                                      Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------
 OWNER                                              VARCHAR2(30)
 TASK_ID                                   NOT NULL NUMBER
 TASK_NAME                                          VARCHAR2(30)
 DESCRIPTION                                        VARCHAR2(256)
 ADVISOR_NAME                                       VARCHAR2(30)
 CREATED                                   NOT NULL DATE
 LAST_MODIFIED                             NOT NULL DATE
 PARENT_TASK_ID                                     NUMBER
 PARENT_RXEC_ID                                     NUMBER
 LAST_EXECUTION                                     VARCHAR2(30)
 EXECUTION_TYPE                                     VARCHAR2(30)
 EXECUTION_TYPE#                                    NUMBER
 EXECUTION_DESCRIPTION                              VARCHAR2(256)
 EXECUTION_START                                    DATE
 EXECUTION_END                                      DATE
 STATUS                                             VARCHAR2(11)
 STATUS_MESSAGE                                     VARCHAR2(4000)
 PCT_COMPLETION_TIME                                NUMBER
 PROGRESS_METRIC                                    NUMBER
 METRIC_UNITS                                       VARCHAR2(64)
 ACTIVITY_COUNTER                                   NUMBER
 RECOMMENDATION_COUNT                               NUMBER
 ERROR_MESSAGE                                      VARCHAR2(4000)
 SOURCE                                             VARCHAR2(30)
 HOW_CREATED                                        VARCHAR2(30)
 READ_ONLY                                          VARCHAR2(5)
 SYSTEM_TASK                                        VARCHAR2(5)
 ADVISOR_ID                                NOT NULL NUMBER
 STATUS#                                            NUMBER
 DBID                                               NUMBER
 DBNAME                                             VARCHAR2(9)
 DBVERSION                                          VARCHAR2(17)
 ANALYSIS_VERSION                                   VARCHAR2(17)
 BEGIN_SNAP_ID                                      NUMBER
 BEGIN_TIME                                         TIMESTAMP(3)
 END_SNAP_ID                                        NUMBER
 END_TIME                                           TIMESTAMP(3)
 REQUESTED_ANALYSIS                                 VARCHAR2(8)
 ACTUAL_ANALYSIS                                    VARCHAR2(8)
 DATABASE_TIME                                      NUMBER
 ACTIVE_SESSIONS                                    NUMBER
 METER_LEVEL                                        VARCHAR2(6)
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