名前                                                NULL?    型
 ----------------------------------------------------- -------- ------------------------------------
 OWNER                                                 NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
 INDEX_NAME                                            NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
 INDEX_TYPE                                                     VARCHAR2(27)
 TABLE_OWNER                                           NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
 TABLE_NAME                                            NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
 TABLE_TYPE                                                     VARCHAR2(11)
 UNIQUENESS                                                     VARCHAR2(9)
 COMPRESSION                                                    VARCHAR2(8)
 PREFIX_LENGTH                                                  NUMBER
 TABLESPACE_NAME                                                VARCHAR2(30)
 INI_TRANS                                                      NUMBER
 MAX_TRANS                                                      NUMBER
 INITIAL_EXTENT                                                 NUMBER
 NEXT_EXTENT                                                    NUMBER
 MIN_EXTENTS                                                    NUMBER
 MAX_EXTENTS                                                    NUMBER
 PCT_INCREASE                                                   NUMBER
 PCT_THRESHOLD                                                  NUMBER
 INCLUDE_COLUMN                                                 NUMBER
 FREELISTS                                                      NUMBER
 FREELIST_GROUPS                                                NUMBER
 PCT_FREE                                                       NUMBER
 LOGGING                                                        VARCHAR2(3)
 BLEVEL                                                         NUMBER
 LEAF_BLOCKS                                                    NUMBER
 DISTINCT_KEYS                                                  NUMBER
 AVG_LEAF_BLOCKS_PER_KEY                                        NUMBER
 AVG_DATA_BLOCKS_PER_KEY                                        NUMBER
 CLUSTERING_FACTOR                                              NUMBER
 STATUS                                                         VARCHAR2(8)
 NUM_ROWS                                                       NUMBER
 SAMPLE_SIZE                                                    NUMBER
 LAST_ANALYZED                                                  DATE
 DEGREE                                                         VARCHAR2(40)
 INSTANCES                                                      VARCHAR2(40)
 PARTITIONED                                                    VARCHAR2(3)
 TEMPORARY                                                      VARCHAR2(1)
 GENERATED                                                      VARCHAR2(1)
 SECONDARY                                                      VARCHAR2(1)
 BUFFER_POOL                                                    VARCHAR2(7)
 USER_STATS                                                     VARCHAR2(3)
 DURATION                                                       VARCHAR2(15)
 PCT_DIRECT_ACCESS                                              NUMBER
 ITYP_OWNER                                                     VARCHAR2(30)
 ITYP_NAME                                                      VARCHAR2(30)
 PARAMETERS                                                     VARCHAR2(1000)
 GLOBAL_STATS                                                   VARCHAR2(3)
 DOMIDX_STATUS                                                  VARCHAR2(12)
 DOMIDX_OPSTATUS                                                VARCHAR2(6)
 FUNCIDX_STATUS                                                 VARCHAR2(8)
 JOIN_INDEX                                                     VARCHAR2(3)
 IOT_REDUNDANT_PKEY_ELIM                                        VARCHAR2(3)
 DROPPED                                                        VARCHAR2(3)
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