名前                                                NULL?    型
 ----------------------------------------------------- -------- ------------------------------------
 OWNER                                                 NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
 OBJECT_NAME                                           NOT NULL VARCHAR2(30)
 ORIGINAL_NAME                                                  VARCHAR2(32)
 OPERATION                                                      VARCHAR2(9)
 TYPE                                                           VARCHAR2(25)
 TS_NAME                                                        VARCHAR2(30)
 CREATETIME                                                     VARCHAR2(19)
 DROPTIME                                                       VARCHAR2(19)
 DROPSCN                                                        NUMBER
 PARTITION_NAME                                                 VARCHAR2(32)
 CAN_UNDROP                                                     VARCHAR2(3)
 CAN_PURGE                                                      VARCHAR2(3)
 RELATED                                               NOT NULL NUMBER
 BASE_OBJECT                                           NOT NULL NUMBER
 PURGE_OBJECT                                          NOT NULL NUMBER
 SPACE                                                          NUMBER
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