ADDM:Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor

ADR:Automatic Diagnostic Repository

AU : Allocation Unit

ATO : Automatic Tuning Optimizer

AWR : Automatic Workload Repository

ASM : Automatic Storage Management

BFT : Bigfile Tablespace

CMI : Common Manageability Infrastructure

CSS : Cluster Synchronization Service

DSS : Decision Support System

GCS : Global Cache Service

IOT : Index-Organized Table

ITL : Interested Transaction List データブロック内の変更情報を管理するリスト、読み取り一貫性で利用する UNDO領域への中継役でもある。

SGA : System Global Area

SCN : System Commit Number/System Change Number

OMF: Oracle Managed Files

OFA : Optimal Flexible Architecture

ADDM : Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor

ASMM : Automatic Shared Memory Management

OLTP : Online Transaction Processing

NLS : National Language Support

VPD : Virtual Private Database

TDD : Test Driven Development

ORM : Object/Relational Mapping

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