SQL> desc v$active_session_history;
 Name                                                              Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------------------------------- -------- --------------------------------------------
 SAMPLE_ID                                                                  NUMBER
 SAMPLE_TIME                                                                TIMESTAMP(3)
 SESSION_ID                                                                 NUMBER
 SESSION_SERIAL#                                                            NUMBER
 USER_ID                                                                    NUMBER
 SQL_ID                                                                     VARCHAR2(13)
 SQL_CHILD_NUMBER                                                           NUMBER
 SQL_PLAN_HASH_VALUE                                                        NUMBER
 FORCE_MATCHING_SIGNATURE                                                   NUMBER
 SQL_OPCODE                                                                 NUMBER
 SERVICE_HASH                                                               NUMBER
 SESSION_TYPE                                                               VARCHAR2(10)
 SESSION_STATE                                                              VARCHAR2(7)
 QC_SESSION_ID                                                              NUMBER
 QC_INSTANCE_ID                                                             NUMBER
 BLOCKING_SESSION                                                           NUMBER
 BLOCKING_SESSION_STATUS                                                    VARCHAR2(11)
 BLOCKING_SESSION_SERIAL#                                                   NUMBER
 EVENT                                                                      VARCHAR2(64)
 EVENT_ID                                                                   NUMBER
 EVENT#                                                                     NUMBER
 SEQ#                                                                       NUMBER
 P1TEXT                                                                     VARCHAR2(64)
 P1                                                                         NUMBER
 P2TEXT                                                                     VARCHAR2(64)
 P2                                                                         NUMBER
 P3TEXT                                                                     VARCHAR2(64)
 P3                                                                         NUMBER
 WAIT_CLASS                                                                 VARCHAR2(64)
 WAIT_CLASS_ID                                                              NUMBER
 WAIT_TIME                                                                  NUMBER
 TIME_WAITED                                                                NUMBER
 XID                                                                        RAW(8)
 CURRENT_OBJ#                                                               NUMBER
 CURRENT_FILE#                                                              NUMBER
 CURRENT_BLOCK#                                                             NUMBER
 PROGRAM                                                                    VARCHAR2(48)
 MODULE                                                                     VARCHAR2(48)
 ACTION                                                                     VARCHAR2(32)
 CLIENT_ID                                                                  VARCHAR2(64)
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