SQL> desc v$session_longops;
 Name                                                  Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------------------- -------- ------------------------------------
 SID                                                            NUMBER
 SERIAL#                                                        NUMBER
 OPNAME                                                         VARCHAR2(64)
 TARGET                                                         VARCHAR2(64)
 TARGET_DESC                                                    VARCHAR2(32)
 SOFAR                                                          NUMBER
 TOTALWORK                                                      NUMBER
 UNITS                                                          VARCHAR2(32)
 START_TIME                                                     DATE
 LAST_UPDATE_TIME                                               DATE
 TIMESTAMP                                                      DATE
 TIME_REMAINING                                                 NUMBER
 ELAPSED_SECONDS                                                NUMBER
 CONTEXT                                                        NUMBER
 MESSAGE                                                        VARCHAR2(512)
 USERNAME                                                       VARCHAR2(30)
 SQL_ADDRESS                                                    RAW(8)
 SQL_HASH_VALUE                                                 NUMBER
 SQL_ID                                                         VARCHAR2(13)
 QCSID                                                          NUMBER
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